suddenly back

23 nov

Yesterday I tried to get out of here.  First, I took a small bag and filled it with all my stuff. I was really decided to start a new life, so, I took the less things possible. Toothbrush, checkered shirts and socks. No books, no mp3 player, no handy. Before leaving, I watched my room and something really close to repulse took possession of me. If I was a snake, the room would be my skin: good-for-nothing.

Walking alone in the cloudy streets of yesterday was something close to a new world becoming real as the distance became steps. When I found a square, I took the bench. Trees whispering secrets that I didn’t wanna hear. Two brothers and a dog called “Luna”. Happiness runs – would say Donnovan fifty years before now. The cover of  “Selling england by the Pound”, from Genesis, was me lost in my own lonelyness in that lost square, in that lost city, close to that old hospital where I’m laying now. Getting free is just the chorus of a song that I’ll never sing. “Welcome back” said the old smiling lady behind the reception desk. “Holly me” said my timorous eyes.

When I woke up this morning, for the first time, I wasn’t singing that old Beatle’s song. I was back and nobody would ever suspect that, yesterday, I’ve had the nerve to leave.





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  1. t. 2009/12/07 às 3:18 pm #

    mantendo a média de acessos diários.

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